Mashatu Research is a dedicated conservation initiative that is committed to the preservation of African biodiversity in Botswana through applied research and education. But we need your help!


Central to our conservation effort in understanding carnivore ranging and foraging behavior requires the use of equipment like GPS tracking collars, remote camera traps, stable isotope analysis and various other resources. Support our conservation initiative by making a donation to Mashatu Research.


Your contribution, however big or small, makes a world of difference!

Donations can be made directly to the Wild Animal Encounter (WAE), our conservation partner.

WAE is a not-for-profit environmental organization and a deductible gift recipient, listed on the Australian Department of Environment’s Register of Environmental Organizations.

Every donation to WAE is tax deductible


You can donate via direct deposit into the following bank account:

Wild Animal Encounter – Public Fund

BSB – 062 703

Account No – 10257004


For further details or to obtain a receipt please email

Support our conservation work by making a dontation to Mashatu Research

Your donation could buy:

$25 - Batteries for remote camera traps and GPS units

$50 - Camp internet (airtime data)

$80 - Office supplies

$200 - Remote camera trap to help us study & record rare and elusive species

$250 - Diesel for research vehicle for 3-4 weeks

$500 - Veterinary fee for 1 day

$700 - Radio tracking receiver or antenna

$2500 - GPS radio collar with service fees for 2 years